Monday, July 19, 2010

Wedding Planning in Sri Lanka - Before start everything for your wedding

A Wedding Ceremony in Sri Lanka is more traditional and cultural event. It is varying according to our cast, Sinhala, Tamil and Christians. This is common wedding planning guide  for any Sri Lankan Couple.


Wedding date is most important day at your life and it is always determined my your Nakath time or convenience day for you. Very few couples just decide their wedding date, without going to astrologist to get the good date for this special Day.
If you go with Nakath. It is better not to choose, very competitive day. Then so many weddings can happen in the town and other arrangement, such as bridal dressing, photography, Venue etc. should be very competitive. If you want to go with the best Nakath day, it is better to go astrologist very early and plan other activities also very early to avoid last minute rush and loose the best opportunities.

If you have big gap among the planning day and the wedding day, you can seach few alternatives for everything and can compare the quality and the service. Such as few Hotels, few photographers, few Bridal dressers etc. Even Invitation designs and wedding theme designs

In Sri Lanka, most of weddings are happening May to September. Some industry people called it, Wedding Season. Thursdays are more famous for wedding days and weekends for home coming day


Now In Sri Lankan younger crowd also going with out of the box themes, while some are still respect for formal White wedding incorporating all the traditions. Some couples like to do it at very large scale while others want to do it at very small scale with their close family and friends.
Parents from both girl and boy may influence for this decision.

Most of the couples, they decide the theme they like and go for bridal dressers, Salon and get their advises to improve it. Some couples would like to get experts advice directly. Any how once the wedding dates are confirm, you should finalize  the styles and wedding theme, before start any other work to make it unique and memorable occasion in your lives.

Your theme could be determined by a favorite color, a fragrant flower, a shared interest or hobby, old movies, an heirloom veil, a love of everything Victorian - in fact anything that is special to you.
Depending on your theme, you can decide the venue and other activities, Example, if your theme is to give natural effect for your wedding, you wedding reception should not be a Hilton Hotel, It should be a good natural location with river bank or sea. or even upcountry hotel.

You have to use all natural flowers to decorate, not anything artificial. Your dressing should not be more modernized, it should give some natural and traditional effect


Hopefully, you may not have unlimited budget for your wedding day. Even though you are wealthy enough to spend big amount, my advice is, not to waste your money unnecessarily. Once you get married, there are lot of things you have to invest to bring you too live happier.
First decide considerable amount of wedding budget and have small tentative plan as well. If actual go beyond to budgeted amount.
If you are not recently getting married but planning to marry. It is better to open a special wedding saving ac and do regular savings on it. When the date comes, you are in healthy position.
Carefully plan other all activities depending on your budget. I am sure careful planning will bring your day perfect no matter your wedding budget.


Choose your best man and chief bridesmaid carefully. They will play major roles in helping you organize events beforehand and be especially important to you on the day. 

Of course your wedding is a very special occasion for your loved ones, so it’s important to involve them as much as possible plus, it will lighten the load for you. Learn to delegate without losing overall control.


With so much to look forward to, make organizing your special day part of the fun. Don’t be overwhelmed by it all. Keep it simple. “Plan your work, then work your plan”. Enjoy the whole experience and keep reminding yourselves that your wedding is a celebration of the fact that you “found” each other - the rest is easy!. Sri Lanka is more fabulous place for wedding, So Sri Lankan, have your wedding in uncommon place ( hidden gem in sri Lanka) to make this small miracle bring to the world


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